Mining my experience of navigating a fluid identity throughout a long-term partnership, I flip traditional gender roles in portraiture, positioning my husband as a generative muse. Letting unabashed desire direct my imagination, I cast Jordan into revealing, formidable, intoxicating and lurid roles drawn from pop culture, internet wormhole catalysts and memorable characters encountered during routine life. Projecting fantasies and fever dreams onto mundane domestic situations, I complicate the perceived ideal of how a life should be organized, whose desire is allowed to be unbridled and whose is considered threatening. I transform historical domestic objects like 16th/17th century Scold’s Bridles (punishment devices used to physically silence women who spoke out against institutions of power or within their own home) into campy, flexible and ornate reminders that announce present moments of my own silencing and the pervasive implications for women who challenge the status quo.

I purposefully use textile techniques like weaving, knitting, crochet and coiling for their use by feminist activist groups, innate sensuality and their embodiment of domestic memories. Saturated in the uncanny, furniture and figure seem to disorient one another prompting the viewer to reconsider what was once overlooked.